The Cost of Wanting for Your Fellow Man


I came across a very intelligent article this morning .

Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press

Beautiful article.  I can feel his want for trying to correct himself.  For trying to get to the bottom of what he did wrong, what his colleagues did wrong.  He beats himself up.  Tears himself down.

Do not beat yourself up for over estimating people.  The hopeful, trusting and empathetic tend to lose that way. Then we beat ourselves up for “arrogance” or “smugness”.

It is not “arrogance”.  It is hope, trust and love for our fellow man.  It is hard to discover if that has been misplaced.

But We do them no honor when we turn on ourselves for not leaning on pity and exploiting their handicaps as others do.


One thought on “The Cost of Wanting for Your Fellow Man

  1. Terril Park says:

    “I mentioned it on a few blogs during the election campaign, when Trump was witch hunting and stirring people up by pushing buttons, that his purpose was to ignite civil wars.”

    It seems to me that politicians main tool is pushing buttons. Probably why as a class I dislike them.


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