Political Theater and Senior Citizen Events

New  “White House” Lobby Decor at Trump Towers in New York

Trump opened a news conference today and the first thing I did notice, was that he appeared to be speaking from the White House. You know, with all of the flags. Wow! What happened?  So I dig around.

Turns out he transformed the lobby of Trump Towers overnight for the news conference by having  people assemble flags and curtains, all night long,  so when he holds the press conference, it appears that he is speaking from the White House already. Have no idea how he got the eagles on top and all that.  It seems to be his brand now, he has made it his own.

Yeah, he had hair, make up, and wardrobe crew there for hours before the event.

Laughter!  Crammed almost 250 reporters in that room. Looks like he is giving a press conference from the White House right?

This staging that we see now with puppets and props in the entertainment world is quite good.  You can make anyone believe anything. And from creating “appearances” ,  you can put a lot of ideas into a lot of people’s minds.

This was total theater. Especially the declares. Brought to mind stories I have heard of the Mission Holder’s Conference of 1982. More distress. More distress for our people.

Then I went over photos from his rallies as he was campaigning. Very similar, flags everywhere, as if he is already there and already the authority.  And, people get used to it.

Our young people are not even watching. No interest. Not rubbernecking at the train wrecks.

Why would they care about bitter and angry old people on soap boxes, that are not on good terms with themselves?  They have places to go and things to see. They are at the beach, on road trips, at the dorm studying. Out in the city partying. Traveling, listening to music, shopping, falling in love, looking for love, reading with their Kindles. Banging back shots at the local pubs.

They are still curious, hopeful, brave and loving. Dreaming, sincere. They have time, and they are still on good terms with themselves. And the others.

Even though,  they are carrying the tax burden to pay for this madness. And to pay for the elderly, unemployed, weakened or sickly, and displaced.

It used to be kids didn’t rise above their parents until they were in their 60’s. Now they are there at 21.

Our standards have dropped, and theirs have risen.

They barely survived us.