The Age of Theater


It has occurred to me over the last few years, that we are living in , “The Age of Theater”.

This is the age of theater.

The information being spread through this new age, it travels fast and there is always something even more interesting to watch. Out of sight out of mind, is how it is going. You do get people stuck on series, until a new one is launched. But you don’t even see long running weekly television shows anymore. It’s all bang and boom, ……  next?

If Charles Manson’s act was moved into today’s world to unfold, you might hear about it for a week.

Nude photos of the future first lady were spread all over the New York Post. Forgotten in a few days.

Trump’s 13 year old rape accuser, buried in a week.

There are so many television and movie celebrities, I don’t know who most of them are when Yahoo streams downward on my monitor. People become world famous over night and then forgotten in a week.

The good thing about this, is that people are staying more in present time with current events, and not becoming hung up in, “the past”.

There is no scarcity of viewing material or theater figures anymore. The information doesn’t even stick. People do not get so star struck like they used to. The comments sections of news articles about celebrities, is full of harsh criticisms from the ill willed and sadistic.

You have to be willing to be publicly slandered, mauled, humiliated and degraded, beaten, and your children mauled with you, to want to step on the front lines with some offering. My own kids, are even burdened unjustly with false reports and slander published against myself. And I know other parents have been and are, tortured this way. It can be made into a violent theater.

I think, understanding that this is the age of theater, the best way to navigate it and prosper from it, is to create even more platforms where people can contribute to the theater, communicate and perform. And the personal flow of knowledge is made even wider, and there is not a monopoly on it.

But have and place those platforms at grass roots level, so it becomes the grass roots power again. Because it used to be, entertainers were very common folk. Not ivory tower people. That happened in a scarcity of figures after television was launched.

There are many intelligent , gifted and interesting people, bright young people running around, that aren’t hams. They don’t want to get in front of a camera or become dependent on approval from others. And if they are given the right platform, I think they will step up and we will see the quality of information and knowledge, come up with them.

I am working now with software engineers, on launching  two of those media platforms, but the first one isn’t going to hit the streets until next year. These are massive undertakings with technology and programming.  The technically inclined,  the mathematically inclined, are the new producers.

As much as we are offered twisted “entertainment”, or “news”, shock values, conveying biased messages and strict hidden agendas, blatant lies, and as repelling as it may seem to watch your fellow man duped, slandered, mislead and exploited, the age of theater is only beginning.

As shoddy as it may seem today, I have a gut feeling this will evolve into something highly beneficial and put a power into people they did not have before with communication and ideas. And we will see something really magical and beneficial evolve from this. Where people can know how to know. Instead of knowing how to hate.