2017 Election Trauma



Some people in the world are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome after the recent political theater.

Yes, our leaders and potential leaders have traumatized the people of Earth. Either by bringing out the worst in them. By turning them against their fellow man, friends and family. Or scaring and terrorizing them with threats and promises of punishment and loss.   This is the product of an election in today’s world.

Trump and entourage attend prayer service this morning as the rest work to recover their senses and wits. Mothers worried to death of trucks coming to round up their families and deposit them with their children in hostile or now unfamiliar lands.

People in distressed areas waiting for police to come and round them up like cattle.

That we even have, and permit political cults, to run amuck from one end of the country to the next with media crews to report the domestic terrorism, to obtain votes, is obscene.

That people flock to these events like rock concerts, in an effort to escape a life they created that they are not happy in, only capitalizes on their misery.

In a just world, the  Republican Party would be charged with domestic terrorism today. Not smugly plopped at morning prayer, as most of America sits in shock and post traumatic stress syndrome.

If you are one of those suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome,  leave the theater. Take a rest. Take a walk. Regain yourself, your sanity,  your humanity and promise.

We are actually all part of the same group, humans.