Fox News Sows Revenge With Fake News For Donald Trump On DeNiro Family?


How petty is Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch?


America’s Most Dangerous Illegal Immigrants Are Donald Trump And Steve Bannon

Both have obtained jobs the American people are paying for, with out proper credentials.

Trump is illegally positioned as Command in Chief Per The American Constitution.

Bannon is a professional button pusher now in charge of United States security.

How have these men illegally immigrated into positions of power in America?

Santayana wrote (in The Life of Reason, 1905) : “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

How well do you know History? Do you know what comes next?

Meet Roy Beck. Trump’s Ethnic Cleansing Specialist.


The Underbelly of Evil Purposes Passing for “Enlightenment” and “Help”.

Trump’s Royal Aryan Trumpet Fanfare.

“Fanfair” means, ” a short ceremonial tune or flourish played on brass instruments, typically to introduce something or someone important.”  Or, “media attention or elaborate ceremony”.

Also known as “advance man”.  The person who goes in advance to organize the crowds, logistics, mood, accommodations,  or proper “think” people should have in arrival of “someone important”.

Roy is a known racist committed to ethnic cleansing.  I will post the links below.

He orchestrated a theatrical production whereby staging himself as some sort of “world’s expert” on mathematics and economics,  he uses gumballs in front of paid actors, to explain why immigration and mingling with other races harms everyone.

He uses these gum balls as if addressing a fourth grade elementary school class, and gives off nothing but false information and false statistics. Convincing the actors in his speech, as they seem to have moments of “enlightenment” on cue, to turn their back on their fellow man, to “help” them.

Sadly, Roy Beck is not the only one trick pony with a road show that is devoted to ethnic cleansing these days. But he is cunning and manipulative and his forte’ is targeting people who are wholly or partially uneducated about the subject he “teaches”.  Working to capitalize on America’s mathematical and economic ignorance.

Roy, is actually, a seasoned journalist. Backed now by white supremacist groups bankrolling him. He is a former chief Washington correspondent for the Booth Newspapers chain, Beck was a journalist for three decades before founding NumbersUSA.

And why he called himself “Dr. Roy Beck” when he is not, can only be part of the insanity of his road show.

He keeps grade cards for every member of Congress, deploys three million activists to blast lawmakers with anti-immigration telephone calls, faxes and emails, and runs a website where his followers have called undocumented immigrants “criminal invaders” and “wolves at the door.”

And he has been putting together a grass roots army devoted to ethnic cleansing.

The video he produced and paid for and directed, was circulated through the red states, some towns as high as 65% high school drop outs, and many of the blue states that turned red.  For years before Trump arrived to attest to the crowds what a menace immigration was.

Before you watch Roy’s theater, imagine this logic.

You are on the Titanic and it is sinking. You get a life boat and others trying to survive are heading towards you.  You yell at them to return to the sinking ship to assist others where they are. Telling them they need to return because they are good swimmers, and can teach the rest to swim.

Better yet, a building is on fire. The firemen put a ladder up to the top story and instruct people trying to escape, to “go back” and make the situation habitable.  Because they need to care for and teach, the remaining folk inside the burning building.

Below is Roy’s short film, which is now once again being slammed down on Facebook and spread with a fury as :   “Most important immigration video you’ll ever see.”  And big bucks are going into this production.

Most important immigration video you’ll ever see?  According to Roy, so you can imagine how passionate he is about this. Notice he has managed to implant  52, 066,493 people with this gumball “logic”?  False data, all of it. This is MISinformation.

Numbers USA is Roy’s Company.

Hoping I will be able to adjust to our new and improved standards and help make America great again. By the way, how do I tell if the five year old is a Muslim? If his parents are, his nationality or his skin color? Certainly a five year old would be subscribed into a religious group yet? Would we need a set of interrogation questions to test his faith?

Spicer: It Would Be ‘Misguided And Wrong’ To NOT Handcuff 5-Year-Old Muslim Children


Trump’s Smoking Gun. Cocaine, A Helicopter Crash, and The Real Estate Connection.



All during the 1980’s (except for when he was in prison) Trump’s main sidekick was a guy named Joe Weichselbaum.

Nicknamed by the “street people”,  “Joe-wish”. Maybe people started out saying “Joe- Weich” for short. Maybe someone just got clever.

Everywhere Trump was, Joe-wish was sure to go.  Actually, Trump kept his buddy at close call where ever he was parked at the time, in an apartment or condo nearby in the same building. And often, right in Trump’s own apartment.

Joe-wish was a cocaine dealer for the mob, had a rap sheet from here to the wall (This wall is approximately seven feet from me where I sit) .  Stealing, and dealing, this was Joe-wish’s calling card. You needed a car? You went to Joe-wish. You needed cocaine? You went to Joe-wish. You needed to courier to take a message to Trump? You went to Joe-wish.

Joe-wish was known as Trump’s “dirty hand”.  The hands Trump used for the dirty shit.

Oh, did I mention Joe-wish ran a helicopter business that was exclusively used to transport Trump’s crew? He was also the baby sitter for Trump’s private helicopter. So this guy had transportation know how and resources.  And he knew enough people that knew enough about helicopters from the ground up.

Joe-wish was also hooked at the hip with mobster Johnny Staluppi who was part of the Columbo Family. Johnny had his own helicopter company.

Trump drivers and helicopter pilots were in continuous liaison with one another shuffling Trump’s people around New York and New Jersey. And Joe-wish was running drugs further down the coast in the limousines along with high rollers who “appeared” to be “just gambling” at Trump’s casinos. Often limo drivers had to trek all the way to Florida, and then, trek all the way back to New York. Apparently some of these “high rollers” had fear of flying. On certain days of the week.

Word on the streets, was that Trump could pull strings with any justice or legal issues in the tri – state area, through his sister, who was a judge. So needless to say, the mood within this criminal circle, was a flippant one!

The Trumps covered for Joe-wish.

This was before Trump Towers was created,  and during the time Trump was living in the East Sixties and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

With all of this helicopter know how and experience,  it seems very curious, that three of Trump’s top casino executives that were not exactly on good terms with him at the time, just by worthless street gossip, which we know has no value what so ever, would suddenly take a dive to their death in a helicopter.

Well, we know how ignorant and superstitious street people and  gossipers are. The servant’s quarters are always a hot bed of hallucinatory verbal mayhem. But it seemed around that time Joe-wish, the best of “all things helicopter’ connected in the tri-state area, owed Trump, “a favor” with a prison sentencing issued.

That helicopter “accident” , where the rotors just suddenly and inexplicably  flew off the machine. Wow!  What a strange co incidence!  Right? Not one, but both. The main overhead four-blade rotor and its tail rotor broke off the body. What are the chances, right?

And what else is strange?  When did these three executives ever before that, get in a helicopter all at once?  They were ordered to attend a promotional event together on behalf of Trump.  Further, it was not one of Trumps helicopters or any of his friend’s that went down.  Oddly, they went to an outside service.

I do point out, Joe-wish was incarcerated at the time of the “accident” with the helicopters.  And his girlfriend was moving into the Trump Plaza and setting up home for them in a new apartment laid out for them. One of two.

It is a fine day when an incarcerated man can purchase not one, but two apartments in one of Trumps’ buildings during his prison stay is it not?


Well, you know how ignorant people from the servant’s quarters can get superstitious.

It is just amazing though, that when Trump’s brother died from alcohol, Trump swore he would never have another drink. And never has.

But when three of his top casino executives who were ripe witness’ to all and everything that went down in Trump’s casinos took a dive, Trump never had a problem stepping in a helicopter.

And buying real estate in Trump’s trophy (at that time) condominium building while being incarcerated?  That was just magic.

Killed in the helicopter crash, were Stephen F. Hyde, 43 years old, chief executive of the Trump casinos.  Mark Grossinger Etess, 38, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino , and Jonathan Benanav, 33, Executive Vice President of the Trump Plaza casino hotel.

A year after the helicopter crash, the Trump Taj Mahal was nearly $3 billion in debt and went bankrupt in 1991. In 1992, both the Trump Plaza and the Trump Castle declared bankruptcy as well.

I ask you, when have you ever heard of a casino going bankrupt?  It takes your money and gives you nothing in return. Only when the name “Trump” is on it.

A man who managed to run three gambling joints in the ground is now U.S. President.

I know, it sounds like a tired joke.

The cash from Trump’s casinos vanished into thin air. The millions owed for goods and services was wiped out in a bankruptcy, and numerous people were set up for losses. Little street people. He had invested 100  million in “renovations”.






Steve Bannon’s Treason and Gaslighting


Resident Donald Trump’s chief strategist has escalated the administration’s war with the media, labeling it “the opposition party” and suggesting that it “keep its mouth shut.”

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Steve Bannon said during a rare interview with The New York Times on Wednesday.

 “I want you to quote this,” Bannon told the Times. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”


The media understands this country very well. They live in it for Christ’s sake. How oblivious is Steve Bannon to come off and say Americans do not understand the country they were born and raised in, as the reason for his displeasure. This is gaslighting.

The media also understands why Trump is the president. I think everyone that voted for him does.  Some may have some keener awareness of how he pushed people’s buttons and pointed at wrong solutions, to gain favor.

Bannon is gaslighting. That is his solution to public relations?

Well, maybe his feet are a little wobbly.  He seems to think Americans OWE Trump something. And it is Americans that are being an obstacle to the president. And not performing properly!

Trump won the audition. He won the part. It his duty to perform.

If he isn’t getting applause, he needs to change his act. This is show biz and Trump is total theater. He just needs to bring it on.  Right now he can’t seem to remember his lines.

What Bannon does not seem to understand, is that Trump will not be applauded because of photo ops this time around.

He made promises. He needs to deliver all that he promised and EARN the people’s applause.  He also needs to improve conditions, not worsen them.

Asking Americans to adapt blind trust as a coping method is assuming people are sheep.

As far as people America being silenced about the president, I recommend Bannon review some history of how we arrived here today. And who led the way.

Trump is a late arrival to an old played out game, and he wants to be accepted and regarded as a savior.  Without having earned anyone’s trust. Not to mention, nobody needs saving.

Theater only goes so far.

Keep it real Bannon. And try to think of some better solutions than gag orders and gaslighting for social intercourse.

Right now your hat is not to tell Americans how to think, to consider themselves stupid and hallucinatory, and when to shut up. Neither is your hat to create more drama. It is to manage OPD.  Other People’s Drama. .

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

Theodore Roosevelt


UPDATE January 31, 2017.

Steve Bannon’s record of child neglect and child abuse hits the radar.

The Bannon Files: Divorce Records Reveal Marital Discord and Questionable Parenting


Theodore Roosevelt

No Human Being Is On Earth Illegally



There are higher powers than local politicians.

People move to survive.

That is a God given right.

Stop calling humans trying to survive criminals.

It is not criminal to survive.

The purpose of laws and policy,  to protect and safeguard your fellow man.  One is not supposed to use laws or policy for ethnic cleansing goals. This trick was already used on one nation.

Discounting or devaluing a human being because of their identity in a way that gives you license to abuse or violate them, is anti humanity.

Quote on the Statue of Liberty

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

It is the statue of LIBERTY, Not The Statue Of Bigotry.

Every single one of our ancestors came to America because they were running away from something. Mainly, the malevolence and lack of compassion people are now spreading in this society.

This is a discredit to all of those that spilled blood to make America a refuge.