Trump Demands of Americans To Disavow Their Pledge Of Allegiance to The United States.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
To: “Liberty and Justice for those not from Muslim countries.”

We Have To Stop Killing For A Living And Meaning.





We are no longer part of some Viking Tribe that is raiding.

Nobody is stealing our jobs, they take the ones that we will not do.

Thirteen wars at 14.2 trillion dollars in the last three decades is what has depleted our resources in the United States.

Raising money for wars or war chests is what is putting all people in poverty.

We can not keep killing for a living.

Making a living, killing off cultures and ethnic cleansing, and ideas, is destroying this species.  All hatred eventually becomes self hatred.

We have to stop killing for a living. It is not even profitable any more. We have crossed that line.

People please, come into reason and present time with common sense.

Purposes recoiling


I mentioned it on a few blogs during the election campaign, when Trump was witch hunting and stirring people up by pushing buttons, that his purpose was to ignite civil wars.

His campaign did bring haters, blamers and sadists out in droves.

The odd thing is, with the enforcers under control with a victory now.  It is the calmer end that has become violent.  And he has become the target.


Trump presidency: Protests turn violent in Portland, Oregon

Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide

Anti-Trump protests: Portland police call it ‘riot’


This is the price one pays for using the misery of others, to pave their own way.

And there is no bankruptcy filing on these debts.


Trump adviser urges Obama, Clinton to speak out on protests


Mr. Trump of all people, should know, it is a pay to play world.

This is the result of forcing an item on people that is not theirs.

This is an item being protested.

This is forcing someone else’s item on people they do not want.

This is when you take your finger off the button pushing and there is an explosion.

Trump accused the media of inciting the protests. Another wrong item.

Bad faith and injustice recoil.  If not from one end, the other. It is law of nature.


I mention these conditions we can see currently, happening right before our eyes.  So as I embrace the situation of current civil wars, and division  in our own community, in my next post.  I hope the understanding I bring to the table will be more real to you.