Photos of Americans Going Into Other Countries as Illegal Immigrants And Taking Over The Resources.

None of these guys applied for citizenship.  Most of them were there illegally and found methods to get over the borders.

The U.S. has wasted over $14 trillion in fighting wars over the past 30 years rather than investing in infrastructure at home. Investments in dirty energy.

Donald Trump has suppressed the Environmental Protection Agency off the radar and is targeting illegal immigrants in America who are mostly working 16 hours a day picking food for people to eat or planting it.

Instead of working towards clean energy. Ordering oil pipelines to be laid down. Goals to beef up the military and nuclear arms.

Using political rants that date back to Hitler.

Striking out legislation that moved us forward. Implementing policies that were dreamed up by former politicians decades ago.

What exactly is his legacy in this political theater if not edited reruns of ancient drama?

Will he be able to put forth one new fresh idea or plot or sub plot?  Or is this next four years going to be copy copy copy?



Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Greets A Crowd After Taping TV Interview

Today Trump slapped the Environmental Protection Agency staff with gag orders halting the flow of information to the public.  Apparently some things need to be kept secret from the rest of America. Even if the taxpayers funded it. So much for transparency.

His first day in office he stripped the E.P.A. legacy from the web site.  I mean, this must have been the biggest flaming emergency in America!

And today he wants those pipelines laid down over dead bodies so the oil can flow.

Meanwhile, as of today he still has not legally turned over his private business interests, neither shared his own financial information. He does personally have millions of dollars in loans with foreign countries. Which violates the Title of Nobility Clause, as explained in Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution. And renders him unqualified to hold the position of president of the United States.  But who is interested in civic education these days?  Too easy to capitalize on other people’s ignorance.

From 1995 to 2017, Trump engaged in court fights at the cost of 600K to Florida residents,  to try to re-route aircraft traffic from the county’s airport, located 2.5 miles west of his resort Mar-a-Lago, over his resort. He had a 100 million dollar law suit against the people right up to the day he got elected. For damages onto his resort from airplanes flying over head.

Trump maintained that noise, vibrations and emissions from airplanes damage the estate, a National Historic Landmark built in 1927 as a home for Post cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post.

With winning the election,  Trump has dropped his Florida law suit , squashed the E.P.A., and is off to desecrate the land, environment, history and resources  of America’s native people with that oil pipeline.

Should the Dakota Access pipeline leak or burst, the effects could be devastating.

And leak pipelines do. Since 1995, there have been more than 2,000 significant accidents involving oil and petroleum pipelines, adding up to roughly $3 billion in property damage,

And who is curious enough to challenge their “brightness” with these kind of riddles?  This is the age of theater. Grab a box of popcorn. Return to your seats. Follow the leader er.. lead actor.