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Rogue White House Staffer On Inside Shares Glimpse Of Current Conditions.




POTUS means President Of The United States. Trump elected as president, wants to be King. Thinks like a business owner. Oblivious to purpose and law. “Who says I can’t’?  Confusion. Treason.

His aids offer to assist if he has been compromised by Russia.  Doubt with Trump, Treason to Americans.

Steve Bannon encouraging him to irritate?  Just evil.

“Bannon jokes that he has mixed feelings about SCOTUS pick. Says that a white man shouldn’t have to serve coffee to a Hispanic woman.”

First tweet

On who the (un)holy trinity is

On Trump

Meet Roy Beck. Trump’s Ethnic Cleansing Specialist.


The Underbelly of Evil Purposes Passing for “Enlightenment” and “Help”.

Trump’s Royal Aryan Trumpet Fanfare.

“Fanfair” means, ” a short ceremonial tune or flourish played on brass instruments, typically to introduce something or someone important.”  Or, “media attention or elaborate ceremony”.

Also known as “advance man”.  The person who goes in advance to organize the crowds, logistics, mood, accommodations,  or proper “think” people should have in arrival of “someone important”.

Roy is a known racist committed to ethnic cleansing.  I will post the links below.

He orchestrated a theatrical production whereby staging himself as some sort of “world’s expert” on mathematics and economics,  he uses gumballs in front of paid actors, to explain why immigration and mingling with other races harms everyone.

He uses these gum balls as if addressing a fourth grade elementary school class, and gives off nothing but false information and false statistics. Convincing the actors in his speech, as they seem to have moments of “enlightenment” on cue, to turn their back on their fellow man, to “help” them.

Sadly, Roy Beck is not the only one trick pony with a road show that is devoted to ethnic cleansing these days. But he is cunning and manipulative and his forte’ is targeting people who are wholly or partially uneducated about the subject he “teaches”.  Working to capitalize on America’s mathematical and economic ignorance.

Roy, is actually, a seasoned journalist. Backed now by white supremacist groups bankrolling him. He is a former chief Washington correspondent for the Booth Newspapers chain, Beck was a journalist for three decades before founding NumbersUSA.

And why he called himself “Dr. Roy Beck” when he is not, can only be part of the insanity of his road show.

He keeps grade cards for every member of Congress, deploys three million activists to blast lawmakers with anti-immigration telephone calls, faxes and emails, and runs a website where his followers have called undocumented immigrants “criminal invaders” and “wolves at the door.”

And he has been putting together a grass roots army devoted to ethnic cleansing.

The video he produced and paid for and directed, was circulated through the red states, some towns as high as 65% high school drop outs, and many of the blue states that turned red.  For years before Trump arrived to attest to the crowds what a menace immigration was.

Before you watch Roy’s theater, imagine this logic.

You are on the Titanic and it is sinking. You get a life boat and others trying to survive are heading towards you.  You yell at them to return to the sinking ship to assist others where they are. Telling them they need to return because they are good swimmers, and can teach the rest to swim.

Better yet, a building is on fire. The firemen put a ladder up to the top story and instruct people trying to escape, to “go back” and make the situation habitable.  Because they need to care for and teach, the remaining folk inside the burning building.

Below is Roy’s short film, which is now once again being slammed down on Facebook and spread with a fury as :   “Most important immigration video you’ll ever see.”  And big bucks are going into this production.

Most important immigration video you’ll ever see?  According to Roy, so you can imagine how passionate he is about this. Notice he has managed to implant  52, 066,493 people with this gumball “logic”?  False data, all of it. This is MISinformation.

Numbers USA is Roy’s Company.

Hoping I will be able to adjust to our new and improved standards and help make America great again. By the way, how do I tell if the five year old is a Muslim? If his parents are, his nationality or his skin color? Certainly a five year old would be subscribed into a religious group yet? Would we need a set of interrogation questions to test his faith?

Spicer: It Would Be ‘Misguided And Wrong’ To NOT Handcuff 5-Year-Old Muslim Children


Trump Playing Politics With National Security Is Treason



Blatant treason, is when  Trump renders his inauguration speech and declares that the United States Military has been depleted. That we can not or will not defend our own borders. And that our infrastructure is not viable.

“For many decades, we’ve enriched foreign industry at the expense of American industry; subsidized the armies of other countries while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military; we’ve defended other nation’s borders while refusing to defend our own; and spent trillions of dollars overseas while America’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay.”

Yes, more or less, telling the world we are in no position to defend ourselves.

Then he runs over to the C.I.A. the next day to announce to them, “I have your back”?



While his attention is stuck to ratings.

Wow, television ratings just out: 31 million people watched the Inauguration, 11 million more than the very good ratings from 4 years ago!


The man is thrilled that he has announced to 31 million people that America is in no position to defend itself.

Is there anyone in Washington that can orientate the new apprentice to his new surroundings and obligations to this country?

2017 Election Trauma



Some people in the world are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome after the recent political theater.

Yes, our leaders and potential leaders have traumatized the people of Earth. Either by bringing out the worst in them. By turning them against their fellow man, friends and family. Or scaring and terrorizing them with threats and promises of punishment and loss.   This is the product of an election in today’s world.

Trump and entourage attend prayer service this morning as the rest work to recover their senses and wits. Mothers worried to death of trucks coming to round up their families and deposit them with their children in hostile or now unfamiliar lands.

People in distressed areas waiting for police to come and round them up like cattle.

That we even have, and permit political cults, to run amuck from one end of the country to the next with media crews to report the domestic terrorism, to obtain votes, is obscene.

That people flock to these events like rock concerts, in an effort to escape a life they created that they are not happy in, only capitalizes on their misery.

In a just world, the  Republican Party would be charged with domestic terrorism today. Not smugly plopped at morning prayer, as most of America sits in shock and post traumatic stress syndrome.

If you are one of those suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome,  leave the theater. Take a rest. Take a walk. Regain yourself, your sanity,  your humanity and promise.

We are actually all part of the same group, humans.

Necessary Evils


His first act as the World’s most powerful leader?  Trump Stamps Out History And Science as His First Offering To The World.

Newly elected president Trump went straight to the government’s web site, not literally of course. Word is, he does not use a computer.  He obviously divested an underling with this  urgent  mission. deleted nearly all mention of climate change.

I suppose he has not seen Ken Burn’s documentary, “The Dust Bowl”.

Trump is violently opposed to suggestions that mankind can have any control or impact on the Earth’s conditions.  He may have squads out at this very moment searching for copies of the documentary and burning them. (Kidding so far).

Man has created droughts. And right now the mid west, our bread basket, is watered by underground taps that have a life span of fifteen years.  But that will be someone else’s burden.

Of course, if people did notice there was a drought or climate change, real estate would crash in certain areas. Who pays the local  government?  Property taxes.  God forbid a hurt should go on the real estate values.

Within moments of the inauguration, the official White House website on Friday deleted nearly all mentions of climate change.  And in it’s place was Mr. Trump’s vow to eliminate the Obama administration’s climate change policies, which previously had a prominent and detailed web page on

So, out of sight out of mind. Wow! Trump solved the problem of climate change by moving it out of view and off the table.  That man is a real problem solver!

He then signs off on Oklahoma’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt is one of 27 State Aottorneys currently suing the EPA over the “Clean Power Plan”, which cuts emissions from coals-fired power plants. On his own LinkedIn page, Pruitt claims to be , “A leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda”.

Mr. Trump remains dismissive of the established science of human-caused climate change, and committed to blocking policies to curb it.

First day at his desk was monumental!

Next?  The removal of all of the Obama administration’s personal and policy pages.

As if this information was the number one menace to our society.

Some people learn by education. Some by seeing. Some by being there. Some by feeling. But there is a percentage of our population who only learns by evil and loss. And so we carry the burden of “necessary evils”.

I have too much to do to watch Mr. Trump, and others who’s names I shall not mention here, (mercy), play Three Card Monty. And report my findings daily.

Being a person of faith, I can see what is coming is another necessary evil. Not questioning why. Often, evil people wake us up. Teach us to better know ourselves. We either rise above them, survive in spite of them, or run behind them in the witch hunts.  Evil people can help you know things about yourself, which can be highly beneficial.

The after party, as the White House turned into a pub with overpriced drinks, was dancers, dancers, and more dancers!

I must say, because of Trump’s history as a serial stalker of dancers in New York, it was a Biblical moment for me to see him have to dance for his supper.

Oh yeah babe, the times they are a changing.





The Presidential Inauguration 2017




As soon as Trump was sworn in it began to snow. Followed by a doom and gloom speech. Such a bad omen, as I watched his hair spray melting and his hair sinking and moving forward. The only bright spot was Menalia’s Tiffany blue suede gloves. Which really made her Aryan Blue contact lenses pop and sizzle!