Rogue White House Staffer On Inside Shares Glimpse Of Current Conditions.




POTUS means President Of The United States. Trump elected as president, wants to be King. Thinks like a business owner. Oblivious to purpose and law. “Who says I can’t’?  Confusion. Treason.

His aids offer to assist if he has been compromised by Russia.  Doubt with Trump, Treason to Americans.

Steve Bannon encouraging him to irritate?  Just evil.

“Bannon jokes that he has mixed feelings about SCOTUS pick. Says that a white man shouldn’t have to serve coffee to a Hispanic woman.”

First tweet

On who the (un)holy trinity is

On Trump


Steve Bannon’s Treason and Gaslighting


Resident Donald Trump’s chief strategist has escalated the administration’s war with the media, labeling it “the opposition party” and suggesting that it “keep its mouth shut.”

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Steve Bannon said during a rare interview with The New York Times on Wednesday.

 “I want you to quote this,” Bannon told the Times. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”


The media understands this country very well. They live in it for Christ’s sake. How oblivious is Steve Bannon to come off and say Americans do not understand the country they were born and raised in, as the reason for his displeasure. This is gaslighting.

The media also understands why Trump is the president. I think everyone that voted for him does.  Some may have some keener awareness of how he pushed people’s buttons and pointed at wrong solutions, to gain favor.

Bannon is gaslighting. That is his solution to public relations?

Well, maybe his feet are a little wobbly.  He seems to think Americans OWE Trump something. And it is Americans that are being an obstacle to the president. And not performing properly!

Trump won the audition. He won the part. It his duty to perform.

If he isn’t getting applause, he needs to change his act. This is show biz and Trump is total theater. He just needs to bring it on.  Right now he can’t seem to remember his lines.

What Bannon does not seem to understand, is that Trump will not be applauded because of photo ops this time around.

He made promises. He needs to deliver all that he promised and EARN the people’s applause.  He also needs to improve conditions, not worsen them.

Asking Americans to adapt blind trust as a coping method is assuming people are sheep.

As far as people America being silenced about the president, I recommend Bannon review some history of how we arrived here today. And who led the way.

Trump is a late arrival to an old played out game, and he wants to be accepted and regarded as a savior.  Without having earned anyone’s trust. Not to mention, nobody needs saving.

Theater only goes so far.

Keep it real Bannon. And try to think of some better solutions than gag orders and gaslighting for social intercourse.

Right now your hat is not to tell Americans how to think, to consider themselves stupid and hallucinatory, and when to shut up. Neither is your hat to create more drama. It is to manage OPD.  Other People’s Drama. .

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

Theodore Roosevelt


UPDATE January 31, 2017.

Steve Bannon’s record of child neglect and child abuse hits the radar.

The Bannon Files: Divorce Records Reveal Marital Discord and Questionable Parenting


Theodore Roosevelt

We Have To Stop Killing For A Living And Meaning.





We are no longer part of some Viking Tribe that is raiding.

Nobody is stealing our jobs, they take the ones that we will not do.

Thirteen wars at 14.2 trillion dollars in the last three decades is what has depleted our resources in the United States.

Raising money for wars or war chests is what is putting all people in poverty.

We can not keep killing for a living.

Making a living, killing off cultures and ethnic cleansing, and ideas, is destroying this species.  All hatred eventually becomes self hatred.

We have to stop killing for a living. It is not even profitable any more. We have crossed that line.

People please, come into reason and present time with common sense.

Necessary Evils


His first act as the World’s most powerful leader?  Trump Stamps Out History And Science as His First Offering To The World.

Newly elected president Trump went straight to the government’s web site, not literally of course. Word is, he does not use a computer.  He obviously divested an underling with this  urgent  mission. deleted nearly all mention of climate change.

I suppose he has not seen Ken Burn’s documentary, “The Dust Bowl”.

Trump is violently opposed to suggestions that mankind can have any control or impact on the Earth’s conditions.  He may have squads out at this very moment searching for copies of the documentary and burning them. (Kidding so far).

Man has created droughts. And right now the mid west, our bread basket, is watered by underground taps that have a life span of fifteen years.  But that will be someone else’s burden.

Of course, if people did notice there was a drought or climate change, real estate would crash in certain areas. Who pays the local  government?  Property taxes.  God forbid a hurt should go on the real estate values.

Within moments of the inauguration, the official White House website on Friday deleted nearly all mentions of climate change.  And in it’s place was Mr. Trump’s vow to eliminate the Obama administration’s climate change policies, which previously had a prominent and detailed web page on

So, out of sight out of mind. Wow! Trump solved the problem of climate change by moving it out of view and off the table.  That man is a real problem solver!

He then signs off on Oklahoma’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt is one of 27 State Aottorneys currently suing the EPA over the “Clean Power Plan”, which cuts emissions from coals-fired power plants. On his own LinkedIn page, Pruitt claims to be , “A leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda”.

Mr. Trump remains dismissive of the established science of human-caused climate change, and committed to blocking policies to curb it.

First day at his desk was monumental!

Next?  The removal of all of the Obama administration’s personal and policy pages.

As if this information was the number one menace to our society.

Some people learn by education. Some by seeing. Some by being there. Some by feeling. But there is a percentage of our population who only learns by evil and loss. And so we carry the burden of “necessary evils”.

I have too much to do to watch Mr. Trump, and others who’s names I shall not mention here, (mercy), play Three Card Monty. And report my findings daily.

Being a person of faith, I can see what is coming is another necessary evil. Not questioning why. Often, evil people wake us up. Teach us to better know ourselves. We either rise above them, survive in spite of them, or run behind them in the witch hunts.  Evil people can help you know things about yourself, which can be highly beneficial.

The after party, as the White House turned into a pub with overpriced drinks, was dancers, dancers, and more dancers!

I must say, because of Trump’s history as a serial stalker of dancers in New York, it was a Biblical moment for me to see him have to dance for his supper.

Oh yeah babe, the times they are a changing.





Political Theater and Senior Citizen Events

New  “White House” Lobby Decor at Trump Towers in New York

Trump opened a news conference today and the first thing I did notice, was that he appeared to be speaking from the White House. You know, with all of the flags. Wow! What happened?  So I dig around.

Turns out he transformed the lobby of Trump Towers overnight for the news conference by having  people assemble flags and curtains, all night long,  so when he holds the press conference, it appears that he is speaking from the White House already. Have no idea how he got the eagles on top and all that.  It seems to be his brand now, he has made it his own.

Yeah, he had hair, make up, and wardrobe crew there for hours before the event.

Laughter!  Crammed almost 250 reporters in that room. Looks like he is giving a press conference from the White House right?

This staging that we see now with puppets and props in the entertainment world is quite good.  You can make anyone believe anything. And from creating “appearances” ,  you can put a lot of ideas into a lot of people’s minds.

This was total theater. Especially the declares. Brought to mind stories I have heard of the Mission Holder’s Conference of 1982. More distress. More distress for our people.

Then I went over photos from his rallies as he was campaigning. Very similar, flags everywhere, as if he is already there and already the authority.  And, people get used to it.

Our young people are not even watching. No interest. Not rubbernecking at the train wrecks.

Why would they care about bitter and angry old people on soap boxes, that are not on good terms with themselves?  They have places to go and things to see. They are at the beach, on road trips, at the dorm studying. Out in the city partying. Traveling, listening to music, shopping, falling in love, looking for love, reading with their Kindles. Banging back shots at the local pubs.

They are still curious, hopeful, brave and loving. Dreaming, sincere. They have time, and they are still on good terms with themselves. And the others.

Even though,  they are carrying the tax burden to pay for this madness. And to pay for the elderly, unemployed, weakened or sickly, and displaced.

It used to be kids didn’t rise above their parents until they were in their 60’s. Now they are there at 21.

Our standards have dropped, and theirs have risen.

They barely survived us.